August 24, 2020

Susquehanna University’s Board of Trustees has adopted a statement reaffirming the university’s pledge to continue fostering initiatives pertaining to diversity, inclusion and equity.

“We are deeply concerned about the current racial strife and division that exist in our country and are keenly aware that Susquehanna University is not immune from the environment and institutional systems that enable … structural oppression,” the message says. “The university mission statement and our commitment to those whom we serve require our Board of Trustees to address current racial and social injustices that have a direct impact on our campus.”

The statement affirms support for University President Jonathan D. Green’s recent convening of a CenSUs: Everyone Counts task force. Comprised of faculty, staff, students and trustees, the task force was charged with ensuring “that the campus is a safe and supportive community in which all are assured an opportunity to thrive as students, scholars and employees.”

The task force has been working through the summer to develop recommendations for action steps to be undertaken this summer and in the coming year. Efforts have begun with reviews of Public Safety and the university’s partnerships with regional law enforcement, campus facilities, website and social media strategies, and student-centered education.

In the coming months, the board will engage in personal and organizational exploration of racial attitudes and behaviors and how those attitudes and behaviors impact strategic planning, policy development and decision-making at Susquehanna University.

Additionally, the board indicated its support for expanded discussions with Selinsgrove community leaders, with the objective of enhancing long-standing relationships and securing commitments for an even safer and more welcoming community for all members of the Susquehanna family.

“While acknowledging the past important and successful initiatives of the university on issues of diversity, inclusion and equity, current events make us acutely cognizant that there remains significant work to be done,” the message says, “as we strive to foster a living, learning and working educational environment serving the broad university community.”