September 01, 2020

Work of Susquehanna University’s CenSUs: Everyone Counts task force advanced this summer with notable security upgrades to campus.

Attention has first been paid to the lower part of University Avenue, where the Department of Facilities has installed:

  • Additional security cameras.
  • New street lighting (anticipated to be completed by the end of September due to manufacturing delays).
  • Upgraded door hardware.
  • New security window screens.

Additional camera expansion is also planned for the upper and lower sections of University Avenue, said Chris Bailey, director of facilities management.

These security requests were brought to CenSUs via Susquehanna’s Black Student Union.

“Educational institutions serve as microcosms of the world at large, and thus it is necessary that the events of the ‘outside world’ are addressed on our campus,” said Claire Townsend ’21, president of BSU. “Our members have worked tirelessly to generate an actionable plan in the form of our recommendations. The [security upgrades] are the first of many successes CenSUs has provided.”

In June, University President Jonathan D. Green convened the CenSUs: Everyone Counts task force. Comprised of faculty, staff, students and trustees, the task force has been working through the summer to develop recommendations for action steps to be undertaken this summer and the 2020–21 academic year. Efforts began with reviews of Public Safety and the university’s partnerships with regional law enforcement, campus facilities, website and social media strategies, and student-centered education.