July 27, 2016

Erin Byrne ’17, who participated in Prudential Financial’s prestigious summer finance internship in Newark, N.J., praised the company for providing networking opportunities “since the first day of the internship.”

One of her favorite experiences was a Senior Finance Leaders Breakfast. “We were given the opportunity to talk to these leaders and receive advice for our futures, tips for success and get an overall feel for Prudential long-term.”

The wisdom of her experienced colleagues and her work in the Asset Liabilities Management department were both valuable in helping her achieve her goals for the summer.

“I am hoping to learn a little bit more about myself and where I see myself in the future,” Byrne said.

At the end of the summer, Byrne gave a presentation to Prudential leadership that served as an interview for their Finance Leadership Development Program. The three-year program allows associates to gain experience by rotating through different parts of Prudential. With so much at stake, the internship could have easily felt intimidating, but events like the Senior Finance Leaders Breakfast helped to create a supportive environment.

Byrne was also able to draw confidence from her experiences as a business administration-finance and economics student at Susquehanna.

“With the help of my peers and professors I came in with many of the technical skills I need to be successful,” she said. Byrne put those skills to use by assisting in forecasting and analysis and helping to prepare “decks,” or presentations, on assets.

On a personal level, a semester abroad in London gave Byrne, who is from San Diego, confidence at diving into life in a new city. Additionally, Byrne said, “My time on the volleyball court has prepared me to be the best teammate I can be.”