• Joe Antonides

February 09, 2016

The ninth time was the charm for Joe Antonides ’15.

Antonides estimates he tried about nine combinations of majors in the sciences and mathematics before ultimately deciding mathematics was the place for him.

“I was happiest and most at home in mathematics,” he says.

He felt this way for a variety of reasons-a close relationship with his professor, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Sciences Annika Miller, the requirements and flexibility of the program, and the pure enjoyment that he gets from solving mathematics problems.

“It’s really satisfying and even fun to be stumped by a problem, working on it (for hours, days or even weeks), and eventually solving it,” Antonides explains.

In fact, what Antonides likes best about Susquehanna goes hand-in-hand with how he feels about the mathematics department.

“It is really quite difficult to pick only a single thing that I like best about Susquehanna, but what first comes to mind are the hard-working and dedicated staff members across campus,” he says.

The new graduate is currently enrolled in the pure mathematics and mathematics education master’s program at The Ohio State University.

“The math department at Susquehanna took excellent care to give me more than sufficient preparation for graduate school,” Antonides says.

Antonides plans to eventually teach college mathematics at a university.