Beyond the English & Creative Writing Classroom


  • BA, Knox College
  • MFA, Georgia College and State University

Assistant Professor of English & Creative Writing

Contact Information

Monica Prince is the author of How to Exterminate the Black Woman: A Choreopoem ([PANK], 2020), Instructions for Temporary Survival (Red Mountain Press, 2019), and Letters from the Other Woman (Grey Book Press, 2018). Her creative work and interviews are featured in The Texas Review, American Poetry Journal, The Rumpus, TRACK//FOUR, and elsewhere. Her choreopoems have been studied, staged, and performed around the United States. She is the managing editor of the Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly, and the co-author of the suffrage play, A Pageant of Agitating Women, with Dr. Anna Andes, who teaches in the Theatre department here at SU. Born and raised in Denver, CO, she teaches poetry, with a specialization in activist and performance writing in the SU Writers Institute.

Monica Prince on teaching at SU: “I chose to teach at a liberal arts university because I attended them for both of my degrees, and I believe that this is the best way to learn to become a fire extinguisher for a world on fire. I started writing and teaching poetry because I believe it can save lives, and something that powerful cannot be guarded selfishly. We have to share it. Teaching students not just how to articulate their political activism, but to discover where it comes from and how to nurture it, keeps me writing, keeps me performing, and keeps my voice from breaking. I teach the best students on the planet at Susquehanna—they’re full of a kind of magic that could only be cultivated here.”

  • WRIT-452: AD Poetry: Poetry & Magic
  • WRIT-590: Departmental Honors
  • ENGL-265: Forms of Poetry
  • WRIT-352: IM Poetry: Poetry & Magic
  • WRIT-352: IM/Adv Perf Poetry
  • WRIT-500: Independent Study
  • WRIT-352: Intermediate Perf. Poetry
  • ENGL-540: Internship
  • WRIT-540: Internship
  • WRIT-252: Introduction to Poetry
  • WRIT-520: Practicum
  • WRIT-550: Senior Seminar
  • WRIT-550: Senior Writing Portfolio
  • AFRC-260: The Choreopoem
  • THEA-260: The Choreopoem
  • WRIT-260: The Choreopoem
  • HONS-100: Thought
  • ENGL-100: Writing and Thinking