• BA, Susquehanna University
  • MA, Univ of Missouri Columbia

Adjunct Faculty in Communications

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I’ve been teaching as a member of the part-time faculty for more than five years and even though teaching keeps me very busy, as I also work full-time in public relations, I love it! For me, teaching at Susquehanna offers a chance not only to help students and share much of what I’ve learned working in the “real world” of public relations and journalism for more than 35 years, but also to grow in my own knowledge. Our field changes constantly!

Plus, I get to “come home.” I’m an SU grad myself and credit it for providing great lessons and advice that have helped to further my career. (My daughter is an SU grad, too.)

I’m nationally accredited in public relations, which I believe is an important step for anyone in the field. I’ve been a Public Relations Society of America chapter president, ethics officer, and treasurer, among various offices I’ve held. In 2009, I received the Central Pennsylvania chapter’s Frederick E. Leuschner Award for Excellence in Public Relations-a very special honor as I respect Fred Leuschner immensely.

I’m one of four or five “experts” in the country on fundraising encroachment of public relations-certainly an arcane subject unless you work in public relations for a nonprofit organization-and I’ve written both popular and peer-reviewed articles on the subject.

Beyond that, I’ve written for various business and specialized publications and, some years ago, wrote two television “spec” scripts, both of which prompted requests from the Paramount Pictures company to pitch additional story ideas. Alas, no luck, but I did get to speak several times to the writers who later penned the screen story for Mission: Impossible II. Right now, I’m in the final edit of a science fiction novel for mid-grade readers.


Swanger, W. & Rodgers, S. “Revisiting fundraising encroachment of public relations in light of the theory of donor relations.” Public Relations Review, 39 (5) (2013) 566-568.
Swanger, W. “Fundraising Encroachment of Public Relations: A Battle Worth Waging.” Public Relations Strategist, Spring 2011, 36-37.

  • COMM-223: Corporate Communications Writing
  • COMM-321: Crisis Management
  • COMM-192: Public Speaking