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Brady T. Gallese
Help Desk Engineer
WQSU Seasonal Operations Manager
Adjunct Faculty Personal Development

Phone: 570-372-4470
Email: gallese@susqu.edu
Office Location: Seibert Hall - Ground Floor

Personal Web Page

Academic Credentials:
BA, Susquehanna University

Gallese serves as the technical lead for technology support services in the Office of Information Technology. He develops help desk procedures and oversees technical aspects of support for all university-owned desktop and notebook computers. He is responsible for disk imaging, antivirus protection, Macintosh support, computer ordering, vendor relations, data recovery, technical documentation and student computing, as well as the public safety and box office systems.

Gallese is the liaison for the Office of First- Year Programs, serving as the primary contact from the Office of Information Technology to incoming students (and their families) in regard to campus technology offerings and computer purchases. He is also the staff advisor for the university’s radio station, WQSU-FM.

As a student at Susquehanna, Gallese worked for the Office of Information Technology in several positions before graduating in 2007.


  • PRDV-100 Using Computers

Seibert Hall Architecture

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