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Photo of Steve Herrold

Steve Herrold
Help Desk Service Administrator
Phone: 570-372-4246
Email: herrold@susqu.edu
Office Location: Seibert Hall - Ground Floor

Academic Credentials:
MS, Georgia Institute of Technology
MS, Georgia Institute of Technology
MS, Georgia Institute of Technology
BA, Susquehanna University

Herrold is primarily responsible for managing telecommunications in the Office of Information Technology. He manages the university PBX as well as cell phone service, including BlackBerries. He also oversees physical security for the IT office.

Previously he was manager of academic computing, serving as an interface for academic users of the university's Hewlett-Packard HP 3000 computer. In addition, he supervised the repair and maintenance of the university's personal computers.

Subsequently he managed administrative computing. In this position, he served as system manager and programmer for the university's HP 3000 computer. He was responsible for developing interfaces between the university’s home-grown computer systems and commercial packages used by various university offices.

Seibert Hall Architecture

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