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Tuition and Fees

The University Board of Trustees sets rates for tuition and fees annually, usually by mid-February for the following year.  Rates are subject to change.

Fees for the 2015–16 Academic Year

  Semester Year
Tuition (12 or more semester hours)  $20,750  $41,500
Traditional Room Fee (double occupancy)      2,925      5,850
Meal Plan       2,660      5,320
Mandatory Student Activity Fee         135         270
Mandatory Health Fee         135         270
Total  $26,605  $53,210

Special Fees

Fee Amount
Single Room  (per semester)  $3,510
Liberty Alley Apartments (per semester)    3,510
Tuition per semester hour (part-time students)    1,320
Teacher Intern per semester hour       425
Audit fee per semester hour       590
Student deposit (for first year students)       100
Late-registration fee         25
Late-course change fee         25
Music lessons (one half hour per week)       310

  • The standard meal plan is required for all students living on campus with the exception of Liberty Alley and 18th Street Commons.  These residents can purchase a meal plan by contacting the Business Services Office at 570-372-4060.
  • The annual tuition permits a student to take 12 or more semester hours each semester. Students who take fewer than 12 semester hours in a single semester are billed $1,320 per semester hour instead of the full tuition.
  • The university requires Susquehanna-sponsored health and accident insurance for all full-time students. The health insurance cannot be waived under any circumstances.
  • Student activity and health fees are mandatory for all full-time enrolled students, including full-time students studying abroad. These fees are not refundable in the event a student withdraws (please refer to Refunds section). 
  • Students and their families should plan for the cost of textbooks as well as additional personal costs including laundry, supplies, transportation, organizational dues and spending money.
  • Interest is charged at 1.5 percent per month on the unpaid past-due balance including any accumulated interest.   A past-due balance is the previous balance less any payments received during the month and does not include current month charges. Students are responsible for payment of all costs, which may include accrued interest charges, collection fees and attorney fees, incurred by the university in collecting balances.
  • Other Fees. Additional fees may be charged for individual courses. Students pay an additional $310 per semester for individual music lessons (one-half hour per week) that are not required to complete their degree. Music fees are posted to student accounts by the end of September for the fall semester and the end of February for the spring semester.

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