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Preprofessional Programs

Preparing Students for Medical, Law and Other Professions

Interested in becoming a doctor, dentist, or veterinarian?  Maybe you want to explore the law, ministry or teaching. Susquehanna’s preprofessional programs help you discover whether a career in one of the professions is right for you. Whichever path you choose will build upon the foundation of an excellent liberal arts education.

Our faculty advisors want to see you succeed. They help you plan your course schedule so that you stay on track. They advise you on internships, research opportunities and different career paths. They also give you tips for applying to graduate and professional schools—and provide those all-important letters of recommendation to help you get accepted.

Want to meet other students with similar interests? Join a preprofessional club such as the Biology Club, Prehealth Professions Club, Pre-Law Society, Pre-Seminary Group, or Student Deacon Program.

Learning outside the classroom is big at Susquehanna. In addition to some amazing internship opportunities, consider going on a two-week, service-learning trip. Susquehanna alumni who work now in medicine, ministry and teaching learned what it was like to serve in post-hurricane New Orleans and in Central American villages. Those are life-changing experiences, no matter what your major or career goal.

Each preprofessional area offers exciting ways to learn. Susquehanna’s Mock Trial gives prelaw students, for example, a taste of the legal profession. Premed students engage in meaningful research with faculty mentors and even present at regional and national conferences.  Pre-ministry students help plan and execute numerous programs and ministries both on and off campus. If you want to teach, you’ll begin classroom observations starting in your very first year at Susquehanna.

No matter which profession you choose, we’ll help you fulfill your dream. Our students have an outstanding acceptance record at medical and law schools, seminaries, and graduate schools across the country.

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