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Senior Scholars Day

Celebrating Scholarly Achievement

Senior Scholars Day is a landmark event in the intellectual life of the university. It’s a day, usually in April, that many senior students see as the culmination of an intense academic achievement. And it’s a day when the university community joins together to learn about and celebrate these intellectual and creative pursuits.

All senior students who want to share a scholarly or creative project are invited to participate. Some students present their research through poster displays and oral presentations in the Degenstein Campus Center. Others share their artwork in the Lore Degenstein Gallery and their graphic design projects in Cunningham Center for Music and Art. Scholar-musicians perform recitals before appreciative audiences in Stretansky Concert Hall or Weber Chapel Auditorium.

The collective brain power and creativity of around 100 students hums and flows through those spaces. In the campus center, you might find a biology major explaining her research about the comparative diet of long-eared owls, or hear a history major speak about the geopolitical transformation of Afghanistan. In another room, you might find a discussion about social self-concept and moral development. Down the hall, you could find a student-artist revealing her interpretation of Michelangelo’s Pietas.

Over in Stretansky Concert Hall or Weber Chapel Auditorium, imagine yourself experiencing the beauty of an operatic voice or violin recital. In

In the Cunningham Center for Music and Art, stroll down the hallway and explore the visual feast of posters, advertisements and cover art outside the graphic design studio. Many of them consistently win awards in serious design competitions.

Student presenters encourage questions and relish the opportunity to explain their projects and defend their conclusions. All have earned the respect of their faculty mentors who are present to cheer them on. Senior Scholars Day not only celebrates student-scholars, but enables them to thank the faculty who encouraged and supported them.

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