There are hundreds of jobs for students available across campus. You can write press releases, be a lab monitor, work as an admissions tour guide, man the circulation desk in the library and more.

Benefits of working on campus include:

  • Having an employer who understands your course work demands
  • Getting professional experience
  • References for your resume
  • Making connections that increase your Susquehanna support network
  • Improved time management skills and even better grades

Federal Work-Study Program
The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) allows qualified students to fund a portion of their educational expenses through part-time employment on campus.

Work-Study awards are not deducted from your university bill. Most students use their earnings for personal expenses or purchasing textbooks.

  • How do I apply? Students who complete the application process for need-based aid are evaluated for eligibility. No additional application is required.
  • How do I find a job? Check out the latest openings.
  • How much will I earn? Students are paid $7.25 per hour for starting positions. The maximum first-year, work-study award is $2,450 or the equivalent of 12 hours of work per week during the 30-week academic year.

“Cash” or Campus Employment
Students who do not qualify for FWS may work on campus in a “cash” or campus employment position. Many offices across campus hire students in these positions.

America Reads
Susquehanna University participates in a federal initiative called America Reads. Through this program, students paid through the Work-Study Program tutor children in a local elementary school. If you would like to know more about the details of the program, please call Student Financial Services.

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