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Recitals are not only the capstone for music performance majors, but a core component of the rich performing arts environment on Susquehanna’s campus. Whether your concentration is voice, classical instruments or jazz, you can count on performing a half-hour recital your junior year and a full-hour recital as a senior.

Your venue? The 320-seat Stretansky Concert Hall, an acoustically rich hall with adjustable sound curtains. The concert hall is in the Cunningham Center, which houses the music and art departments. And you won’t be alone. Student recitals generally draw 30 to 100 people. Thanks to the hall’s exceptional digital recording technologies, the applause of your appreciative audience will still be ringing in your ears when – just minutes later – you’ll be handed a digitally recorded CD of your performance. Your recording also will be uploaded onto a shared computer hard drive accessible to your family and friends via iTunes. Since 2004, thousands of such performances have been archived and made available.

And not only music performance majors demonstrate their prowess and passion in recitals. Like most universities, we also require music education majors to give a half recital either their junior or senior year. But if you’re particularly gifted, we offer even more: the chance to audition for a longer recital.

Students expecting to earn a Bachelor of arts in music also perform. It’s not required, but the vast majority completes a senior capstone project that includes a recital. Are you a dual major in flute and Spanish? Play music with Spanish influences while giving a lecture in Spanish – with subtitles. Are you a dual creative writing/music major? Give a reading of your poetry, then put your lyrics to music.

Clearly, Susquehanna is a school where music majors command respect, and no where is that respect more apparent than during recitals in Stretansky Concert Hall.

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