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Academic Interest

Accounting Club – promotes interest in accounting and exposes students to the wide range of available careers in the accounting field.

Biology Club – allows students who are interested in biology to gain educational experiences and interact with students outside the classroom.

Collegiate Music Educators National Conference – introduces students to the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession through various events and activities.

Enactus – uses the principles of free market economics to educate and improve the lives of others.

French Club – promotes French culture on campus through various activities, fundraisers and cultural events.

Geology Club – outdoor and earth science-based activities for the campus community.

German Club – allows students to discuss german language and culture.

History Club – provides a place for historical inquiry and sharing an interest in history with other students.

Human Resource Management Club – fosters an awareness and understanding of human resource professions.

Investment Club – fosters an understanding of the stock market through exercises exploring sound investment strategies.

Italian Club – promotes Italian holidays and important dates in history, as well as interesting aspects of Italian culture.

Literature Club – fosters a greater knowledge of and appreciation for the literary language through meetings, activities and awareness campaigns.

Marketing Club – provides students with opportunities outside of the classroom to gain knowledge and practice techniques in the areas of marketing and advertising.

Mathematics Club – promotes awareness of advancements being made in mathematics and aims to educate its members regarding the important role mathematics has played in the development of civilization.

Mock Trial Club – prepares a team to compete in regional and national competitions, exposing students to the procedures of a modern-day courtroom.

Pink Physics Club – promotes unity among physics majors and minors on campus.

Pre-Health Professionals Club – builds awareness of wellness and healthy living and educates students about opportunities in health-related fields.

Pre-Law Society – educates students about the law school process and various legal career options.

PRSSA – provides professional development and networking opportunities for Susquehanna students interested in public relations.

Psychology Club– provides students interested in psychology with opportunities to make connections with other students of similar interests.

Sigma Alpha Iota – a music fraternity for women that strives to promote the development and growth of music across campus and even across the world

Sterling Communications – provides “real life” experience for its members by allowing them to apply classroom theories and creativity to various projects.

SU Chemical Society – provides educational field trips, lectures, presentations and tutoring to students studying chemistry.

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