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Mock Trial Club

The Mock Trial Club prepares a team to compete in regional and national courtroom competitions. The organization provides participants with the necessary materials, training and guidance for competition. The club provides a valuable learning experience, exposing students to the procedures of a modern-day courtroom and assisting students in deciding whether or not they want to pursue a career in law.  The organization also helps develop public speaking and logical thinking skills.

Represented Majors:

Creative writing
Political science

Student Perspective:

“Mock Trial introduces students to a pertinent area in legal practice, trial advocacy. As a collective whole, the group persistently works together to formulate the best legal strategy that will produce a rendered verdict in their favor. Learning to utilize and interpret case law, reading witness affidavits, and arguing in a real courtroom are only a handful of the experiences that these future practitioners of law will encounter.”

— Bryon Chowka '13
Political Science, Legal Studies minor | Coal Township, Pa.

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