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Special Interest

Active Minds – helps to promote mental health awareness and educates peers on real life issues that affect college students.

Anime & Manga Association – provides an opportunity for exploration into the world of anime and manga through screenings, design workshops, discussions and of course cosplay.

Belly Dance Circle – promotes belly dance as an art form and helps to build self esteem and confidence in dancers.

Boxing Club – provides students an opportunity to explore a unique type of workout and build bonds with others interested in pugilism.

Fashion Club  –  a club where students discuss fashion and participate in a bi-annual fashion show on campus.

Gaming Club – students have an outlet to play various board games in a learning environment.

Improv Club – students learn how to perform in front of large audiences using improvisational games and by learning acting techniques.

Invisible Children Club – promotes awareness for the international organization Invisible Children and compassion for human rights on campus.

Outdoors Club – provides members of the campus community with opportunities to experience the outdoors and engage in outdoor-related activities.

Student Government Association – allocates funds for recognized clubs, student groups, campus projects and university activities.

SU College Democrats – helps to promote awareness of current issues and Democratic philosophies.

SU Fighters for Arthritis – helps to educate the SU community about arthritis and provides ways to raise money for the cause.

SU Paper Crafts – provides the campus community with an outlet for creativity through weekly craft workshops and monthly classes.

SU Paranormal – allows students to explore their interests in the paranormal through investigations and classes.

SU Republicans – helps to promote awareness of issues represented by the Republican Party.

SU Sports Business Club – dedicated to learning all aspects of the sports industry.

Support U – helps to create a stronger community at Susquehanna through supporting other students and campus life.

Sustained Dialogue – engages dialogues about issues on a local, national and international scale in order to transform relationships and bring promising change to the campus.


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