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Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance works to combat stereotypes, preconceptions and fears surrounding homosexuality and aims to create an awareness of and respect for sexual diversity.  Understanding issues surrounding homosexuality, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance provides educational programs to help the Susquehanna University community understand, accept, and celebrate all types of personalities, cultures, and differences. The group sponsors a number of social and educational activities on campus, including an annual academic colloquium. 

Represented Majors:

Creative Writing
Graphic Design

Student Perspective:

"SU's Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a club steeped in activism while providing a network for LGBTQIA+ students and allies. We recognize issues facing queer students on campus and look to resolve them. We also work in conjunction with larger campaigns, such as Ally Week and Day of Silence. We're looking to expand and look at queer issues around the world as well. Being in GSA has been nothing but positive for me and I encourage anyone interested in queer activism to join us!" 

— Emily Hibshman '15
Communications - Public Relations | Whitehall, Pa.


Organization Video

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