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SU GIVE participantsWhat is SU GIVE?

SU GIVE is short for Get Into Volunteer Experiences, and is a proud service tradition at Susquehanna University. Each year, first-year students, along with university faculty and staff, travel to dozens of sites throughout the Greater Susquehanna Valley for a rewarding day of service.

When does SU GIVE occur?

Each year, SU GIVE occurs on the Saturday of Welcome Week. The event kicks off in Weber Chapel Auditorium before volunteers board buses to service locations.  The day will conclude with a reflection ceremony and pizza party.

Why participate?

Through SU GIVE, first-year students will work hand-in-hand with new classmates and faculty for a common goal: service to the community. In addition, SU GIVE is a wonderful introduction the many community service activities at Susquehanna University.

Where are some of the service locations for SU GIVE?

Through SU GIVE, first-year students have a wonderful opportunity to make connections at various service locations in the community.
SU GIVE Locations

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