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Frequently Asked Questions

Health Center DisplayHow do I get a prescription refill from my home physician?

According to Pennsylvania law, a physician can send you a prescription. You then can take this prescription to a pharmacy to be filled. Your state residency and the state residency of your physician do not matter.

Do I need an appointment to see a care provider?

Yes, appointments are best. The Health Center offers physician or nurse practitioner appointments. Another option is to come into the Health Center for a nurse evaluation. The nurse may offer symptomatic care of your illness and/or assist you in coordinating an appointment if needed.

Can I receive allergy injections through the Health Center?

Yes, but we require that you have your allergist complete the allergy injection policy and bring the completed form with your allergy serum. Students are also required to remain at the Health Center for 20 minutes after receiving the injection. The first dose of any allergy serum mixture must be given at the allergist's office. SU Health Center will NOT give the first dose of any allergy vial.

Can I get medications through the Health Center?

The Health Center offers single doses of over-the-counter medications, such as generic Tylenol, Maalox, ibuprofen or cough drops.

Some prescription medications ordered by the physician are available at the Health Center. These include a small selection of antibiotic therapy or decongestants. The Health Center does not honor pharmacy prescription plans, but rather obtains medications at a reduced cost and passes along that reduced cost with our students. It is not necessary for students to have cash, as medications can be billed to student accounts.

At the student's request, prescriptions can be forwarded to local pharmacies where health plans with prescription benefits are honored. Transportation will be provided to these pharmacies if needed. The university has an agreement with the Selinsgrove CVS pharmacy so that students may pick up prescriptions there without needing cash.  With permission, a medication can be billed by CVS to the university and then charged to a student's university account.  The Health Center does not prescribe ADD/ADHD medication.  We encourage you to continue your treatment for ADD/ADHD as you had previously.  Please schedule appointments during your semester breaks for maintenance of prescriptions as needed.  The Health Center is not involved in any screening or treatment processes.

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