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The mission of the Student Life Division is to support the mission of Susquehanna University by providing services, programs and facilities that are responsive to the personal religious, social, cultural and recreational needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus. The division will be proactive with regard to the emerging trends and developing issues both on campus and in the larger society.

While striving to accomplish our mission, the division recognizes the following guiding values when working with students, faculty, staff and others:

We value being student centered.

We recognize that students are vital to our organization. We will actively advocate for student rights and responsibilities and strive for collaborative partnerships with students.

We value people.

We will treat all people with respect, creating a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment, which supports a balanced lifestyle.

We value community.

We will strive to create strong partnerships and relationships with both our internal and external constituents. Collaboration and teamwork are critical to our success as an organization.

We value learning.

Learning is a lifelong process. Numerous opportunities for learning, both inside and outside of the formal classroom, including educational programs, student organizations, experiential learning, retreats, leadership development and expanded multicultural experiences must be available for all students.

We value trust.

Trust is the sum of honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, flexibility, openness and communication. Trust is an essential ingredient in our organization and is the glue that holds us together. We will strive for an environment of trust and mutual respect.

We value communication.

Dialogue, feedback and listening are the key components of the communication process. We will set open and honest communication, flowing in all directions, as our standard.

We value diversity.

We will actively promote an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other's differences and learn from the broad mix of skills, knowledge, backgrounds, experience and lifestyles of one another.

We value excellence.

We still strive to provide our community with the highest possible quality of customer service, accessible facilities, programs and services. We will value creativity, risk-taking and exceptional contributions made by individuals and teams. Such contributions at all levels will be encouraged, appreciated and recognized.

We value fiscal responsibility.

We will emphasize fiscal accountability to maintain a solvent enterprise.

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