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Theresa Palmer Society

A portion of a picture in the CDSJ OfficeIn 1973, a landmark event occurred at Susquehanna University. Theresa Palmer became the first African-American woman to graduate. Although it was 115 years after the University was founded, Palmer’s pioneering spirit and leadership inspired many.

Today, the Theresa Palmer Society brings together women of color to share, discover and celebrate issues related to women, culture and leadership. The goal of the Society, which was founded by students in 2006, is to foster personal transformation and intercultural engagement.

Female students are invited to participate in a variety of themed events which include but are not limited to, leadership, personal empowerment, managing finances, self care and spirituality. Sessions are facilitated by faculty and staff.

The Society routinely sponsors campus-wide events that support the multiple dimensions of race and ethnicity, social class, spirituality and sexual orientation of women at Susquehanna, while emphasizing identity and leadership.

For more information about the Theresa Palmer Society, please contact Lisa Scott, Vice President for Student Engagement & Success, by email or phone at 570-372-4415.

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