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The Apple-Zimmerman Series in Early Modern Culture

Editors: Phyllis Rackin, University of Pennsylvania and Carole Levin, University of Nebraska
This interdisciplinary series will publish books that examine a wide range of aesthetic works and moments in their original cultural milieu. This would include, for example, the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries as the products of the burgeoning theatrical industry, designed for the entertainment of heterogeneous audiences who lived in a rapidly changing world where politics, religion, national identity, and gender roles were all subjects of contestation and redefinition. We solicit manuscripts from fields including but not limited to, literature, history, philosophy, religion and political science, in order to enable a truly multifaceted understanding of the early modern period.
Titles in This Series

Sid Ray, Holy Estates: Marriage and Monarchy in Shakespeare and His contemporaries

Manguerite A. Tassi, The Scandal of Images: Iconoclasm,Eroticism, and painting in Early Modern English Drama

Ann. A Hurley, John Donne's Poetry and Early Modern Visual Culture

Roberta Albrecht, The Virgin Mary as Alchemical and Lullian Reference in Donne

Paul Menzer,ed. Inside Shakespeare: Essays on the Blackfriars Stage

Lena Orlin, ed. Center or Margin: Essays in Honor of Leeds Barroll

Pennsylvania History and Culture Series

The Pennsylvania History and culture Series is dedicated to publishing books that explore the state's rich heritage. From social, literary, economic, political, environmental, and religious perspectives, the series seeks to piece together Pennsylvania's past and delve into its future.
Forthcoming titles include:
Ruth Kelly: The Olmstead Case: Privateers,Property, and Politics in Pennsylvania, 1778-1810

Marianne Russo: Hinsonville: A Community at the Crossroads

Karen Guenther: "Rememb'ring our Time and Work is the Lord's":
The Experiences of Quakers on the Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania Frontier