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Coaching Interns

Sports action imageAthletics touch the lives of more Susquehanna students than any other extracurricular activity. The impact of athletics programs on character and leadership development, school spirit and pride, visibility, and institutional reputation have been demonstrated time and again through every generation of Susquehanna students.

To bolster the athletics program and enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience, Susquehanna has launched a unique coaching intern program.

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Coaching interns are often recent graduates from superb collegiate athletics programs who have a strong desire to coach at the college level.

Interns assist Susquehanna head coaches with all aspects of the intercollegiate program, including recruiting, strength and conditioning, skill development, and game preparation. The extra depth, breadth and expertise allows each team to get more from every practice and put more into every game or match.

The internship can last for up to three years, often propelling these young men and women into career paths that might not be available to them otherwise.

Interns are also effective mentors for the student-athletes. Interns are often close in age to the students they guide, providing unique opportunities to connect with their players in meaningful ways.

Character, leadership, teamwork and discipline are just some of the lessons and attributes that can be taught through sports. Susquehanna’s coaching interns have already demonstrated their ability to add value to the overall athletics experience.


  • Increased the overall quantity and quality of admissions candidates to the university
  • Gained greater reach into new geographic recruitment areas, with athletes coming to Susquehanna from throughout the country
  • Increased winning percentages for teams with coaching interns
  • Provides greater academic and social support for athletes
  • Serves as additional resources for the intramural programs
  • Provides additional resources for athletics communications to help enhance program and university reputation 


The internship program was launched as a pilot program with a one-time gift from a generous donor. Now that the program has proven its value, Susquehanna seeks the support of alumni, parents and friends to help sustain the program’s success.

Gifts are needed at all levels, and may provide direct support for current students or an endowment to guarantee perpetual support.

To find out how your gift can help sustain the value of the coaching intern program, please contact:
Doug Seaberg
Assistant Vice President, University Relations


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