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Reunion Scholarship Fund

Members of the reunion classes 1960 through 2005 contributed to the Reunion Scholarship Fund, which was established to help young people reach their full potential and to prepare them for lives of achievement, leadership and service in their professions, communities and families.

The fund supports the education of 10 sophomores for three consecutive years. Award decisions are based on academic performance and financial need.

“These scholarships allow reunion alumni to reflect upon their own experiences at Susquehanna University and the positive impact their education has had on their lives. Many of our alumni were fortunate enough as students to benefit from the financial generosity of other Susquehanna alumni. The scholarship fund allows them to give today’s students the same opportunities they had and to enjoy the successful outcomes they know can result from a Susquehanna education,” says Devin Rhoads, assistant director for the Susquehanna University Fund.

“I hope alumni of all ages, whether they are celebrating a reunion this year or in years to come, will consider a gift to the Reunion Scholarship Fund. Any gift, regardless of size, makes a difference in a student’s life,” says Rhoads. “Today’s students will be the esteemed educators, doctors, artists, lawyers, scientists and business people of tomorrow. Thank you for seeing Susquehanna students for who they are, as well as who they are destined to become.” 


Colby BrindleClass of 1960 Scholar
Colby Brindle '14
Hometown: State College, Pa.
Majors: Business Adminstration - Finance and Economics

“The Reunion Scholarship means a lot to me. It is the acknowledgement alumni are proud to see me succeed. I know I am not just putting in all the hard work for my own benefit, but others take joy and pride in what I do. This motivates me to do better, and push harder and further than before. It is great to know people are behind me in my pursuits of an education and bright future. I look forward to the day when I can contribute to a scholarship so the encouraging and supporting cycle continues.”

Kate CavazzaClass of 1965 Scholar
Kate Cavazza '14
Hometown: Milan, Pa.
Major: Political Science

“The Reunion Scholarship means the world to me.  Paying Susquehanna’s full tuition price was simply not an option for me, and through programs such as the Reunion Scholarship, I am able to attend the college of my dreams.  There is no amount of gratitude that I could possibly extend to the Class of 1965, who make my attendance to Susquehanna University possible each and every day.  From the bottom of my heart, I say, ‘thank you.’”

Lauren JaeneckeClass of 1970 Scholar
Lauren Jaeneck '14
Hometown: Lima, N.Y.
Major: English

“For me this scholarship is about a sense of history and of community. Sometimes it is easy to forget there have been generations of Susquehanna students before us, and there will be many generations who will come after us. Although we may be flung to every corner of the globe, at our centers we will always have at least one thing in common, and that is Susquehanna.”

Matthew DerrickClass of 1975 Scholar
Matthew Derrick '14
Hometown: Williamsport, Pa.
Major: Communications - Journalism

“This scholarship ultimately reflects the fundamentals of what I love most about Susquehanna. I am able to better connect with other students, faculty and staff on a more personal level and ultimately formulate friendships that will last beyond our college years.” 

Katie BattleClass of 1980 Scholar
Katie Battle '14
Hometown: Stroudsburg, Pa.
Major: Music Education

“I am so grateful the Class of 1980 would award me with their reunion scholarship. With a sister in college, as well as four younger siblings in high school, every dollar is a help to my family and to my future at Susquehanna. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the chance to do what I love, at a place that I love.”

Shannon GalvinClass of 1985 Scholar
Shannon Galvin '14
Hometown: Jamison, Pa.
Major: Business Administration - Human Resources

“I am very grateful for the Reunion Scholarship Fund. It shows how much passion the alumni have for their school. The scholarship allows Susquehanna alumni the chance to give back to the university for future students, and it opens up new opportunities for the students.”

Hunter HoffmanClass of 1990 Scholar
Hunter Hoffman '14
Hometown: Dornsife, Pa.
Major: Biochemistry

“The Reunion Scholarship shows me how much of a lasting impression Susquehanna has made on the lives of its alumni who, after 20 plus years, still hold a special interest in the school and its students.  This scholarship is further affirmation that I made the correct choice in coming to Susquehanna, and my time here will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am sincerely grateful to the Class of 1990 for allowing me to continue my career at Susquehanna.”

Zachary HornigClass of 1995 Scholar
Zachary Hornig '14
Hometown: Mifflinburg, Pa.
Majors: Music Performance and Religion

“While on the surface, the Reunion Scholarship is a way to help pay for the ever-increasing cost of education, it goes much deeper as a representation of what Susquehanna means to so many people. It represents how significant the Susquehanna experience has been to alumni of all generations. The scholarship shows the willingness of the alumni to help future generations have the same experiences and impacts on their lives.”

Amy PoldermanClass of 2000 Scholar
Amy Polderman '14
Hometown: Barkhamsted, Conn.
Major: Music Education

 “I am honored to receive a reunion scholarship. Because of the scholarship, I am able to return to the place I love, Susquehanna.”

Jamielynn SciandraClass of 2005 Scholar
Jamielynn Sciandra '14
Hometown: Coatesville, Pa.
Major: Creative Writing

“The Reunion Scholarship means more than the world to me.  My family and I have had to overcome a lot financially, and this scholarship makes all the difference. Because of the Class of 2005 I am able to continue my education at Susquehanna. Thank you! You all have made a huge impact on my life through this scholarship.”

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