One Brand – One Voice

Susquehanna University’s brand extends far beyond the wordmarks, graphics, colors and images seen throughout our marketing and communications materials. The brand is a complex system driven by the emotions of our audiences who connect their personal experiences to Susquehanna. Comprehensive brand research was performed to capture these shared experiences and to establish the institution’s positioning, voice and visual identity that are outlined in Susquehanna’s brand standards.

Positioning Statement

Susquehanna University is the future-ready institution for today, invested in cultivating intellectual grounding, active learning and global citizenship for all students. This transformative education — together with our intimate, nurturing campus community — empowers each graduate to realize their unique potential and lead a successful and meaningful life.

Engaged Community

We are building resilience, nurturing confidence and deepening focus.

Versatile Knowledge

We are strengthening capacity, fostering creativity and powering readiness.

Invested Institution

We are ensuring opportunity, forging success and inspiring excellence.

Susquehanna Orange

CMYK 0/61/97/0       Hex #FF6A14

Susquehanna Maroon

CMYK 7/100/35/64       Hex #651C32

Sunrise Red

CMYK 0/90/80/0        Hex #EF413D

Brick Red

CMYK 40/100/100/06        Hex #9E292E

Sky Blue

CMYK 20/0/15/0       Hex #CBE8DD

River Blue

CMYK 40/0/25/0       Hex #97D5C9

Ginkgo Green

CMYK 55/30/85/0       Hex #869954

Moss Green

CMYK 45/35/85/30       Hex #737239

River Hawk Grey

CMYK 10/4/4/14       Hex #C1C6C8

Stadium Grey

CMYK 63/51/45/33       Hex #545859


CMYK 5/8/7/0       Hex #EFE6E3