We offer cooperative programs at three of the top-50-ranking universities in the U.S. offering engineering for Susquehanna students majoring in chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics.

With these five-year dual-degree programs, you’ll earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from Susquehanna, and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Columbia University, Washington University of St. Louis or Case Western Reserve University.

These options combine the broad-based foundations and essential skills, such as creativity, critical thinking and leadership, gained from beginning your science education at Susquehanna — a national liberal arts university — with the engineering curriculum of a nationally ranked institution with a wide array of engineering concentrations available (see below).

And you have the option of completing a master’s degree in engineering with just one additional year of study.


Columbia University

16 available engineering concentrations, including  engineering management, industrial engineering,  mechanical engineering and computer science

Washington University in St. Louis

9 available engineering concentrations, including data science and environmental engineering

Case Western Reserve University

11 available engineering concentrations, including aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, materials science and systems engineering

Major concentrations available at our partner institutions include:

  • Aerospace Engineering (Columbia, Case Western Reserve) 
  • Applied Physics (Columbia)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve) 
  • Chemical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve) 
  • Civil Engineering (Columbia, Case Western Reserve) 
  • Computer Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve) 
  • Computer Science (Columbia, Washington U.) 
  • Data Science (Washington U.) 
  • Earth and Environmental Engineering (Columbia)
  • Electrical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve) 
  • Engineering Management (Columbia) 
  • Engineering Mechanics (Columbia)
  • Engineering Physics (Case Western Reserve) 
  • Environmental Engineering (Washington U.)
  • Financial Engineering (Columbia) 
  • Industrial Engineering (Columbia) 
  • Macromolecular Science and Engineering (Case Western Reserve)
  • Materials Science & Engineering (Columbia, Case Western Reserve) 
  • Mechanical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve) 
  • Operations Research (Columbia) 
  • Systems and Control Engineering (Case Western Reserve)
  • Systems Science (Washington U.)

Minors available include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Columbia)
  • Sustainable Engineering (Columbia)

3 + 2 = 2 IN 5

Hear from a few of our students who are earning master’s degrees in engineering from Columbia University.


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