Liberal arts foundation + engineering school education

Double degree program, twice the prestige

You can add an engineering program from one of three top-50-ranking universities in the U.S. offered for Susquehanna students majoring in chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics.

With our dual degree program, you will earn a

It only takes one extra year. That’s two bachelor’s degrees from two universities in just five years! You potentially can earn a master’s degree by adding one more year to your joint degree program.

Future proof your career

The power of this combined degree program gives you a competitive edge for your career and expands your graduate study opportunities. You will gain greater confidence and competitive skills employers seek.

Mentored by supportive science faculty, you study in the sciences your first three years at Susquehanna, enhanced by coursework that includes arts and humanities electives. Unlike traditional engineering majors, our broad-based liberal arts foundation will help you develop essential skills, such as

  • Teamwork and leadership

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Effective writing and presentation delivery

You will also develop other lifelong, liberal arts-based skills such as active listening, cultural competency, empathy, emotional intelligence, diplomacy and adaptability. Then, you wrap up your final two years completing intensive engineering courses at an ABET-accredited program at a partner institution offering an array of concentrations. You also will benefit from the resources of both institutions including career centers, alumni networks, faculty mentors, etc.

To support students in navigating their coursework while at Susquehanna, students are paired with two advisors: one faculty from the student’s major department as well as the 3+2 program liaison advisor. The major advisor will support the student by ensuring that they are on track to complete their program requirements within the accelerated timeframe. The 3+2 liaison works with students to identify the best choice of engineering major and keep track of criteria required for the admission process.

Students can also work with both advisors to develop a more flexible 4+2 option so they can take full advantage of academic, extracurricular or athletic opportunities during their time at SU.

Susquehanna’s Engineering Partners

Columbia University

15 available engineering concentrations, including engineering management, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering

Washington University in St. Louis

9 available engineering concentrations, including data science and environmental engineering

Case Western Reserve University

11 available engineering concentrations, including aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, materials science and systems engineering

Major concentrations and career paths

  • Aerospace Engineering (Case Western Reserve)
  • Applied Mathematics (Columbia)
  • Applied Physics (Columbia)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve)
  • Chemical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve)
  • Civil Engineering (Columbia, Case Western Reserve)
  • Computer Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve)
  • Computer Science (Columbia, Washington U.)
  • Data Science (Washington U.)
  • Earth and Environmental Engineering (Columbia)
  • Electrical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve)
  • Engineering Management (Columbia)
  • Engineering Mechanics (Columbia)
  • Engineering Physics (Case Western Reserve)
  • Environmental Engineering (Washington U.)
  • Industrial Engineering (Columbia)
  • Macromolecular Science & Engineering (Case Western Reserve)
  • Materials Science & Engineering (Columbia, Case Western Reserve)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Columbia, Washington U., Case Western Reserve)
  • Operations Research (Columbia)
  • Systems & Control Engineering (Case Western Reserve)
  • Systems Science & Engineering (Washington U.)

3 + 2 = 2 IN 5

Hear from a few of our students who are earning master’s degrees in engineering from Columbia University.


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