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Safety and security are paramount at Susquehanna.

Our Department of Public Safety serves the campus community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to security, law enforcement and investigation, public safety officers are involved in proactive efforts including disaster recovery planning and ongoing training.

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Get text messages or emails within seconds of an emergency.

Safety & Security Information

Read our crime statistics and campus security policies and reporting procedures.


Our public safety team is available around the clock to serve you.

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education.

While often thought of as a law that applies to athletics programs, Title IX is much broader than athletics. It applies to other programs here as well, including academics and administration.

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Title IX

In case of a campus emergency, serious injury, death or other incident, stay calm and call the PSD at 4444. Stay in the vicinity of the emergency, and enlist other individuals, if possible, to direct assistance to the scene. Get pertinent information, including names and addresses of witnesses.

Report to university officials when they arrive. If necessary, call Snyder County Emergency Services at 911 or 570-372-0535.

For serious illness or injury: Dial 4444 and give specific details. If the emergency appears to be life threatening, also call Snyder County Emergency Services at 911 or 570-372-0535 and request an ambulance. Remain at the scene to provide assistance.

For fire or explosion: Activate the nearest fire alarm, then dial 4444 and give specific details. If appropriate, use nearest fire extinguisher. Enlist others to assist in clearing the building. Remain at the scene to provide assistance. Call Snyder County Emergency Services at 911 or 570-372-0535 if necessary.

For prowlers, burglars, or theft in progress: Dial 4444 and give specific details. Remain at the scene to direct assistance. Call Snyder County Emergency Services at 911 or 570-372-0535 if necessary.

Vehicular accident, disturbance or other incident: Dial 4444 and give specific details. Remain at the scene to direct assistance. Call Snyder County Emergency Services at 911 or 570-372-0535 if necessary.

General Information

Public Safety will notify senior university administrators of any emergency. The Degenstein Campus Center will be the evacuation headquarters, if necessary. Anyone who is displaced by an emergency should go to the Campus Center for temporary accommodations. Updates will be posted near the residence life offices to keep the campus informed.

Convenient, accessible parking for vehicles is available on our campus.

This map shows parking designations for visitors to campus, students and faculty/staff. Some parking spaces are designated for green vehicles. Check the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) List and LEED Vehicle List to see if your vehicle qualifies.

To appeal a parking ticket, complete the parking ticket appeal form. For more information, read our student parking regulations.

Sign up for Susquehanna's emergency notification system. The service is available to students, faculty and staff.

With Susquehanna's Short Message Service (SMS), we can alert subscribers of an emergency within seconds by text message or email.

Rest assured, your subscription will be used exclusively for emergency notification. There is no subscription charge; however you may incur charges for receiving these text messages, depending on your phone plan.

All students, faculty and staff can also download the free EmergenSee Personal Security System smart phone app.

Able to run on iPhones, iPads and Android phones, it serves as a "virtual escort" or "blue light in your pocket" that can instantly connect you with the Public Safety office.

In addition to live video, audio and GPS location information, EmergenSeeU features real-time text communication with public safety, via instant alerts sent to students, parents and other family members identified by the student.

In the event of an emergency, Susquehanna University will use a system of sirens and public address announcements.

The siren tones should easily be heard by those outdoors on campus, but may also be heard indoors. The pre-recorded and live public address announcements sometimes echo among the buildings on campus.

Visit mySU for information on the types of alerts and procedures.

Susquehanna University is committed to ensuring the safety, security and welfare of all students, faculty and staff.

That commitment has prompted a number of new initiatives and security measures aimed at prevention, protection, response and preparedness. 

The following enhancements to campus security either have been or will be made.  

  • Additional security cameras will be installed in Garrett Sports Complex and an additional camera will be installed outside of West Hall.   
  • We are in the testing phase for a new wireless lock system for houses along University Avenue. 
  • We continue to strengthen our relationships with the Selinsgrove Borough Police and PA State Police, who serve as our partners in emergency situations. 
  • Additional electronic locks have been installed in the Degenstein Campus Center to better secure the facility. 
  • Plans are in place for an education and training program to strengthen the campus community's preparedness in the event of a lockdown or other emergency. Stickers on what to do in the event of a campus lockdown have been placed in classrooms and offices across campus. 
  • An ongoing awareness campaign is in place to ensure all faculty, staff and students register for the SU emergency text-alert system.  The system allows university officials to send subscribers alerts and instructions in the event of emergencies.

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