The Susquehanna University English Language Learners (SU ELL) program is an Intensive Academic English Program designed to prepare students for the college experience. Once students have mastered all aspects of academic English; writing, reading, speaking, listening, test-taking, they are eligible for matriculation into one of our many Bachelor’s Programs. Students who complete the program successfully may count this in lieu of having to take the IELTS/TOEFL exam to meet Susquehanna’s English language requirement for admission.

Mission Statement

The ELL program seeks to help Susquehanna University in fulfilling its mission to provide all students with the highest quality education that enables them to be successful, contributing participants of a global society. This intercultural English program helps our students to be successful in the university setting and beyond while facilitating student's transformation into citizens of the world.

Program description

This intensive English program (IEP) consists of six 7-week terms per academic year; two terms in the fall semester, two in the spring semester and two during the summer. The IEP serves students of diverse cultures with language proficiency ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Each student receives 28 hours of direct instructions weekly; this consists of specific skills in vocabulary development, grammar, speaking and listening comprehension. The program is complemented by enrichment courses offered at each level, conversational groups with native English speakers, daily English language tutoring sessions and intercultural development in all six levels.

Levels 1-2

Courses are designed to help students develop the fundamental English skills in an interactive classroom setting. There is emphasis on the skills required for effective oral and written communication. Instructional activities are designed to cover all areas of language development: practical vocabulary, basic language structures and the essentials of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Levels 3-4

Students continue to develop fluency and accuracy. Course work focuses on comprehensive skills as well as academic preparation skills, including the fundamentals of essay writing and the development of critical reading, listening and note-taking skills. Students begin to focus skill that for academic purposes, improving fluency and university level writing and thinking.

Levels 5-6

Courses at this level are designed are designed for students that have mastered the fundamental English skills I levels 1-4. The focus main focus is on areas such as current issues, cross-cultural concerns, vocabulary expansion, public speaking, pronunciation, advanced academic reading and writing. There is emphasis on using citations, creating reference pages, exposure to MLA and APA writing format.

The ELL program is aligned with the academic calendar at Susquehanna University which is based on a 16-week semester system. Each term has seven weeks of direct instruction, followed by two days of final exams and a short break. There are two terms during each Susquehanna semester, and two in the summer for a total of six terms per year.

Levels 1-6 meet 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Spring 2021 Session 1

Application Deadline: Dec. 13, 2020 for I-20



Jan. 15

Placement Test/Orientation

Jan. 18

SEVIS Registration/First Day of Class

March 3

Last Day of Class

March 4 & 5

End of First Spring Term, Final Exams

Spring 2021 Session 2

Application Deadline: Feb. 14, 2021 for I-20



March 12

Placement Test/Orientation

March 15

SEVIS Registration/First Day of Class

April 28

Last Day of Class

April 29 & 30

End of Second Spring Term, Final Exams

Summer 2021 Session 1

Application Deadline: April 9, 2021 for I-20



May 10

Placement Test/Orientation

May 12

SEVIS Registration/First Day of Class

June 23

Last Day of Class

June 24 & 25

End of First Summer Term, Final Exams

Summer 2021 Session 2

Application Deadline: May 31, 2021 for I-20



July 2

Placement Test/Orientation

July 5

SEVIS Registration/First Day of Class

Aug. 18

Last Day of Class

Aug. 19 & 20

End of Second Summer Term, Final Exams

Fall 2021 Session 1

Application Deadline: July 23, 2021 for I-20



Aug. 27

Placement Test/Orientation

Aug. 30

SEVIS Registration/First Day of Class

Oct. 13

Last Day of Class

Oct. 14 & 15

End of First Fall Term, Final Exams

Fall 2021 Session 2

Application Deadline: Sept. 17, 2021 for I-20



Oct. 22

Placement Test/Orientation

Oct. 25

SEVIS Registration/First Day of Class

Dec. 8

Last Day of Class

Dec. 9 & 10

End of Second Fall Term, Final Exams

The Susquehanna University ELL Program is very affordable and is viewed by our students as an excellent value. Our tuition and fees are very reasonable and comparable to other similar programs in the state of Pennsylvania.

Susquehanna University ELL Program tuition is $3,477.50 per term. New students pay $3,627,50 for their first session—$3,477.50 tuition plus the $150 non-refundable orientation fee. Extending students pay per term. Additional costs include housing, meal plan, health and activity fees.

Cost Breakdown per semester (1 semester = 2 ELL terms) 2021-22 for full-time ELL


Housing and meal plan—$7,175

Total cost per semester—$14,130

SU Fees—$340

Move-in/Orientation fee (one time)—$150

Refund Policy

This policy applies to all student withdrawals. Room, orientation, activity and health fees are neither pro-rated nor refundable.

New students withdrawing from the program on the last business day before class will be charged $150 for orientation.

Returning students withdrawing from the program on the last business day before class will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

Students withdrawing on the 5th day of class will receive a refund of 50% of their tuition.

There will be no refund for any student withdrawing after the fifth day of class.

Students who are suspended or dismissed from the university after the first day of classes are not eligible for refunds.

To obtain a refund, you must first complete a withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar.

The Intensive English program at Susquehanna University includes the assessment and strategic placement of students based on their level of English proficiency. Students entering the program are placed in a full time intensive English course of study (28 hours of direct instruction per week).

Core Competencies

  1. Speak English fluently in formal and informal situations.
  2. Gain listening and comprehension skills, to improve participation and understanding in during university level lectures.
  3. Write effective, structured and grammatically correct essays.
  4. Develop clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to the given task, purpose, and audience.
  5. Improve oral communication skills and pronunciation to convey clear messages to audience/listeners.
  6. Use English appropriately in various social contexts.


Reading (Beginning Levels 1 and 2):

This course is designed for emerging English language learners to learn strategies such as skimming, scanning, and prediction using context clues to improve their reading comprehension in English. In addition, there are components on grammar to improve their writing skills and the use of research articles for simple references.

Reading (Intermediate Levels 3 and 4):

The intermediate Reading to Write unit is designed for transitional English language learners to build academic vocabulary and develop more advanced reading comprehension skills. It includes a strategically integrated grammar focus to help students develop well-articulated paragraphs with topic sentences and logical conclusions in their writing. In this course, emphasis is placed on note taking and reading to write short summaries.

Reading (Advanced Levels 5 and 6):

This course is designed for advanced English language learners to prepare them for university academic reading, writing and research. Special emphasis is reading and identifying well-formed paragraphs and longer essays with clear topic sentences, proper research citation, and higher level academic reading strategies. This course further develops students’ reading skills in preparation for higher levels of academia. Students develop comprehensive reading skills while preparing their research paper. The advanced academic reading includes analysis, synthesis, summarization, and paraphrasing of information for a research paper. There is emphasis on fluency, articulation and expression while reading.

Listening and Speaking

Listening and Speaking (Beginning Levels 1 and 2):

In this course, the goal is to increase spoken fluency, conversational vocabulary and listening comprehension of emerging English language learners. Students will be given opportunities hearing English used in natural conversations in a variety of contexts. Students will also practice speaking English in structured and semi-structured situations, with an emphasis on providing students with a grammatical and communicative framework for managing everyday functions, such as asking and responding to questions and directions.

Listening and Speaking (Intermediate Levels 3 and 4):

This course will focus on developing students' English communication skills appropriate for an academic environment. Students will develop their skills in creating presentations and participating in class discussions, as well as engage in interactive activities that will strengthen their pronunciation skills in English. Students develop an understanding of lectures and ability to take notes and summarize. Students practice pronunciation, hold appropriate conversations on the phone as well as in person and organize and present speeches.

Listening and Speaking: Advanced Integrated Communications (Advanced Levels 5 and 6):

In this course, students will practice communication in various settings and for a wide range of professional and academic purposes, integrating all the language skills, with a special emphasis on speaking and listening in an academic environment. The course will provide a support framework for the English language learner who is ready to be immersed in full-time university academic work. Topics include: oral presentations skills, group work, multimedia activities involving listening and speaking, and higher level pronunciation work.


Grammar (Beginning Levels 1 and 2):

In this course, students study high intermediate-level syntax in an explicit, focused manner and apply this knowledge to communicative tasks. The emphasis is on studying word order and analyzing and producing complex English sentences.

Grammar (Intermediate Levels 3 and 4):

This course includes the use of advanced-level syntax in an explicit, focused manner and helps students to apply knowledge to communicative tasks. It expands on verb tenses including the perfect tenses and use modals in different social contexts. Students practice their grammar in more academic writing of varying genres.

Grammar (Advanced Level 5 and 6):

The emphasis is on producing complex English sentences and on developing critical thinking skills by synthesizing and evaluating ideas from a variety of sources. This course entails a demonstration of a full knowledge of English grammar through extensive written assignments, speaking and editing. It expands on verb tenses including the perfect tenses and use modals in different social contexts. Students are able to practice their grammar in more academic writing and varying genres.

Academic Writing

Writing (Beginning Levels 1 and 2):

The beginning writing course includes developing structured sentences, an introduction to the writing process, writing paragraphs, summarizing short passages.

Academic Writing (Intermediate Levels 3 and 4):

In this course, students actively read and respond to college-level readings. At the same time, they improve their reading fluency and critical thinking skills. Students communicate their ideas about readings in paragraph and multi-paragraph academic compositions. They also develop their knowledge of academic vocabulary. Basic library research skills are also introduced.

Academic Writing (Advanced Levels 5 and 6):

This course integrates the reading and writing skills students need in a college classroom. Students develop skills in comprehending, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating longer academic readings. They demonstrate their comprehension and critical thinking skills by writing researched, organized and correctly documented papers. Intermediate to advanced library research skills are also introduced. One of the goals of this class is to read scholarly and peer reviewed articles and incorporate them into a research paper using APA style reference and citations. Research projects are integrated with the Listening and Speaking course as students give oral presentation of their work during listening and Speaking class.

Campus Resources

When attending Susquehanna University’s ELL Program, you are granted the same privileges Susquehanna students have. You have access to on-campus residential housing, meal plans, and many SU resources and facilities. This means you have full access to the Garret Sports Complex and Blough-Weis Library. Not only do you have access to these facilities, but all SU events are open to you as well. You can attend events such as TRAX parties, concerts, guest speakers, charity/service events, clubs, etc. SU’s ELL program allows you to see what it is like to live the life of a university student and with so many activities to enjoy; meeting other students on-campus is easy.

You also have access to various academic resources on-campus. Take advantage of the free WiFi and computer labs provided throughout the SU campus, meet Susquehanna University’s faculty to learn more about the discipline you are interested in studying, or set up an appointment with our ELL Tutors for additional, free language assistance.

Housing and Dining

All students live on campus unless they are married, over 23 or have other special circumstances considered on a case-by-case basis. ELL and first year students live in residence halls together, but prospects do have the opportunity to choose residence preference. Explore our residential community.

We have six different dining venues on campus. Our general meal plan includes all you can eat dining in our main dining hall. Check out our dining options.

Student Support Services

There are many great campus offerings, which includes a network of academic and social affairs. The ELL Program Director and Coordinator of International Student Services are available to help students get in contact with appropriate on-campus resources such as the Counseling Center for free counseling services, the Health Center for available health care, and Residence Life for on-campus housing questions and concerns. They are here to help you become better adjusted during your time here through various services, not limited to:

  • International orientation for new students
  • Free tutoring services provided throughout the week
  • Introduction to faculty in disciplines students are interested in studying
  • Global Ambassadors to mentor students and help them adjust to their new home
  • Service events for international students
  • Programming for religious holidays
  • Cultural trips for students to learn more about the surrounding area and the U.S.
  •  International education month events


  • International Student Services provides free tutoring for non-native speakers. Whether you are an ELL or degree-seeking student, the tutors are available to help.
  • We have two groups of tutors available to help students who are still learning English. We have our official tutors who work most nights of the week through the ISS office. Appointments should be scheduled with the tutors but some walk-ins may be accepted.
  • We also have a partnership with Susquehanna University's Education Department for students in the English Language Learners Education course (EDUC-350) to tutor for a set amount of hours in the semester. Students in the ELL Education course will work with the ELL Program in order to setup tutoring times.
  • All tutors are available to work with students one-on-one and help them to understand their assignments, provide assistance in completing school work, help students construct a basic paper argument, observe and critique student presentations, and much more. The tutors are able to answer many language questions students may have.

F1 Visa Information

Maintaining Status

To maintain your status as an F-1 international student, you must:

  • Hold a valid passport.
  • Pursue a full course of study at the university.
  • Make normal progress towards the completion of your program, which means you must be enrolled in at least 24 hours per week each term.
  • Have a current F-1 visa and an I-20 that corresponds to program, field and period of study.
  • Have health insurance that meets required minimum standards set by the university.
  • If you fail to comply with these regulations, you will lose your F-1 status. Please contact your international student advisor if you think you are out of status.

Updating your I-20

  • Please notify the Office of Cross-Cultural programs within 10 days of any change of address, so we can report that information to the proper authorities.


  • After you complete your program, you have a 60-day grace period during which you can travel within the U.S., apply to begin another degree program and more.
  • While you have F-1 status at Susquehanna, you're welcome to explore other parts of the country in order to enhance your experience. Travel within the United States does not require a travel signature or any special documents.
  • If you are leaving the U.S. and plan to return as an F-1 student, you must have all your papers in order, including a passport that is valid for six months beyond your expected day of re-entry, an F-1 U.S. visa stamp, and a current I-20 form with a travel signature along with any old I-20s you may have. Please see us before you leave the country to be sure you have a valid travel signature.
  • Remember, you need a valid F-1 U.S. Visa Stamp in your passport to re-enter the U.S. New F-1 visas cannot be obtained inside the U.S. If your visa has expired or you have used all of the multiple entries, you should return to your home country to apply for a renewal of your F-1 visa.


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Conditional Admission

Conditional admission is offered to students who have met all the academic requirements for admission for the university but have not met the minimum TOEFL (80) or ILETS (6) requirements. Students seeking conditional admission should fill out our international application; they will be given conditional acceptance letter which is contingent on their successful completion of our ELL program.

All classes are taught by highly qualified instructors as defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Lilian Schultz
International Student Services Coordinator
MEd, Education, TESOL

Scott Manning, Ph.D.
Dean of Global Programs

Francia C. Moyer
Administrative Assistant, Office of Global Programs
BA, Office Administration
Telephone: +1-570-372-4697
Fax: +1-570-372-2731


Sue Ann Roadarmel
Reading Specialist, ESL Program Specialist (PDE Certified)
BA, Education; MS, Education

Annemieke Stassel
Certified ESL Program Specialist (PDE Certified)
BA, TESL; MA, Education

Craig Harley
English Certification (PDE Certified)
BA, English; MS, Education

Hosted Summer Programs

Spend two weeks living on a college campus with other international students like you who have a desire to improve their English as well as participate in a number of cultural activities. 

Our summer program includes student participation in ELL classes, cultural activities, American history classes, visits to amusement parks, cultural sites, museums, universities and some major cities in the Northeastern United States - New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Housing, meals and airport shuttle are provided as part of this affordable package.

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