A vital, dynamic aspect of human life

At Susquehanna, religious and spiritual life is as diverse as the student body.

We embrace and celebrate this diversity. In doing so, we nourish the life of the spirit and journey more deeply into our shared humanity.

Members of our community come from many religious and spiritual traditions or none at all. There are many opportunities for religious expression and community at Susquehanna.

In addition to many student clubs and organizations, we have a weekly Christian worship service, an active Jewish community, Catholic Campus Ministries organization and a Muslim prayer room on the ground floor of the GO House. We have also added some new Multifaith and Mindfulness spaces around campus.  Sign up for access!

What does religion and spirituality mean for you? Where and when do you experience community and belonging?

At Susquehanna, religion and spirituality are as diverse as the student body. We don't shy away from this diversity. We embrace and celebrate it.  We don't shy away the challenges that can arise from our differences, either. Instead, seek understanding and cooperation across lines of difference. Our affiliation with the Lutheran church (ELCA) is lived out in a bold affirmation of the religious pluralism of the Susquehanna community.

My work as chaplain is grounded in the belief that each of us is called to use our gifts and talents-our lives-in service to others, particularly the most vulnerable among us. The word vocation comes from the Latin vocare, to call. Discovering your calling means listening: to your own heart, to the wisdom of others and to the needs of the world.

Whatever path you find yourself on, as university chaplain, I will walk with you as you seek your calling and community in God's beloved world.

Warm regards,

The Rev. Scott M. Kershner

Every Sunday at 11 a.m., we gather in Weber Chapel for a Christian worship service of scripture, preaching, reflection, prayer and Holy Communion.

The service is also live streamed every Sunday at 11 a.m. on the SU Religious and Spiritual Life Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SUReligiousLife

You can also listen at our SU radio station: WQSU

Never been to church before? You are welcome here.

LGBTQA? You are welcome here.

Been going to church all your life? You are welcome here.

Not sure what you believe? You are welcome here.

Looking for a non-judgmental community of support and belonging? You are welcome here.

Looking for people who want to learn what it means to love your neighbor as yourself but don't pretend to have all the answers? You are welcome here.

We hope you get the picture: you are welcome here!

We are committed to growing and developing Jewish Life on campus. Student leaders of Hillel Jewish student organization work with our director to create a vibrant Jewish community. Our community is proud to affiliate with Hillel International.

The Goldstein-Weis Hillel House is the hub for Jewish life at Susquehanna. Students host large Shabbat dinners and a variety of other programs. Hillel house is a former home that provides space for students to engage in Jewish programs, hang out, watch TV, study and create community. Our Kosher kitchen provides a space for students to learn about Judaism and to cook delicious food. Holiday celebrations are held here throughout the year.

Friday Shabbat dinners are a celebration of Jewish identity and community. Our dinners are often a full house as we connect to a variety of campus communities. We welcome ALL students and community members regardless of background. Our all-gender restroom and wheelchair-friendly entrance is part of our effort to create a welcoming space for all.

What else should you know about Jewish Life at Susquehanna?

  • Our Jewish & Israel Studies minor offers a regular cycle of courses and learning opportunities.
  • There are about 70 self-identified Jewish students on campus. Congregation Beth El in Sunbury is about 15 minutes away. It is a non-affiliated congregation. 
  • Hillel actively communicates with other regional college Jewish communities, including at Bucknell University, Dickinson College, Juniata College, and Franklin and Marshal College.
  • Instructors work with students to make allowances for students who wish to return home for High Holidays or who worship locally and may need to miss class.
  • Hillel hosts a 150-person Passover Seder each year. This is one of the largest events for Hillel each year. Limited kosher food is available during Passover in the university cafeteria. Arrangements can be made to use the kosher kitchen in the Hillel House as well.

Student leadership interns work with the chaplain to plan and lead worship, plan retreats and service opportunities, and advocate for social and environmental justice.

Leadership Intern for Worship
Grace Winakor ‘21 | Portland, Conn. | Religious Studies
Grace assists in the planning and leadership in the Sunday chapel services and also plans and leads Kairos and devotional service on Tuesday nights in Horn Meditation Chapel.

Leadership Intern for Service
Sydney Mastropasqua ‘23| Paramus, N.J.| Psychology
As leadership intern for service, Sydney's main duty is to plan and execute large service events throughout the year.

Leadership Intern for Spiritual Nurture
Kayla Bush ‘22 | Lancaster, Pa. | Creative Writing; English-Publishing & Editing
Kayla will plan and organize the spring religious and spiritual life Lenten Devotional.

Leadership Intern for Social & Environmental Justice
Joseph Martin ‘21 | Milton, Pa. | Music Performance-Vocal
Joseph organizes programs and activities for environmental and social justice on campus and around the world. One of his main responsibilities is planning the annual Fair Trade Festival held in the fall.

Leadership Intern for Communication & Outreach
Jonathan Moser ‘22 | McEwensville, Pa. | Music-Keyboard
Jonathan assists with the communication side of the ministry of the chaplain's office, maintaining the social media presence and helping publicize events and activities.

Student Assistant for Chapel Music
Grady Daub ‘24 | Denver, Pa. | Music; English
Grady's duties include accompanying the chapel choir, providing music for services on Sunday, and arranging and coordinating service music and special chapel events.

Student Assistant to the HandBell Choir
Brian Sevison ‘21 | Catawissa, Pa. | Music Education-Vocal
As director, Brian leads the HandBell Choir when they perform during chapel service and other special events on campus.

Jewish Life Engagement Associates

Student engagement leaders are designed to dramatically enhance Jewish life on campus. Each assistant is charged with building relationships with uninvolved Jewish students on campus.

Lily Soares ’23, Huntingdon, N.Y.
Music; Accounting

Robert Ness ’23, Cochranville, Pa.
Strategic Communications – Public Relations; Political Science

Samantha Koitz ’22, Rockville, Md.
Communication Arts – Comm Studies; International Studies - Diplomacy

Jewish Life Hagshama Leadership

Samantha Koitz ’22, President
Rockville, Md.
Communication Arts – Comm Studies; International Studies - Diplomacy

Molly Young ’23 – Vice Presdient
Camp Hill, Pa.
Music Composition

We also offer an Interfaith Fellowship Program every semester:

A semester long leadership development program about being an effective, confident, and knowledgeable leader in a religiously diverse society.

  • East Asian Lunar New Year, Friday, February 12 


  • Holi, March 28 through March 29
  • Diwali, Thursday, Nov. 4


  • Vaisakhi, Wednesday, April 14 


  • Ramadam, evening of April 12 – May 11
  • Eid al-Adha, evening of July 19 - 20
  • Islamic New Year, evening of Aug. 9 through Aug. 10—Also called Day of Ashura

Transportation to the Islamic Center in Sunbury is provided each Friday (when classes are in session). Please contact Religious & Spiritual Life at krissinger@susqu.edu or 570-372-4303 if transportation is needed.


  • Passover, evening of March 27 through April 4
  • Rosh Hashanah, evening of Sept. 6 through the evening of Sept. 8, is the Jewish New Year and falls on the first and second days of the Jewish month of Tishri (September/October).
  • Yom Kippur, evening of Sept. 15 through the evening of Sept. 16, is the Jewish festival of the Day of Atonement. The most sacred day of the Jewish calendar.
  • Sukkot, evening of Sept. 20 through the evening of Sept. 27, is the Feast of Tabernacles. We booth (Sukkah) on Degenstein Lawn.
  • Hannukkah, (Chanukah) evening of Nov. 28 through evening of Dec. 6, is the Festival of Lights.


  • Good Friday, April 2
  • Easter Sunday, April 4
  • Christmas, Dec. 25—Commemoration of the Nativity of Jesus

Other Significant Celebrations on Campus

  • SU Candlelight Service—Dec. 7, 7:30 p.m.—A Cherished gathering that includes candle lighting and carols as well as traditional readings, songs and prayers.

Christmas Candlelight Service

Dec. 7, 2021

At one of our most cherished traditions, more than 1,600 members of the university and surrounding communities gather in Weber Chapel. The service includes candle lighting and carols, as well as traditional readings, songs and prayers in celebration of the season. Attendees are asked to bring a kid-friendly, non-perishable food item.

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Christmas Candlelight
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Provides educational, cultural, and social involvement opportunities for Jewish students to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Encourages Christians on campus through weekly on-campus worship services, Bible studies and other fellowship activities.

Living Spirit Ministry

Encourages passionate Christian faith through worship, fellowship and service opportunities.


An organization for students who are interested in going into professional Christian ministry.

Better Together

Students with diverse religious and non-religious perspectives bring people together to work for a better world for all.

Catholic Campus Ministries

An organization devoted to helping students learn about and grow in their Roman Catholic faith.

Habitat for Humanity

A national, ecumenical ministry that builds houses in partnership with God's people in need .

Young Life

A non-denominational Christian ministry that reaches out to local high school students by building relationships through meetings and events.


Become a leader for the church by training in Bible study, gospel-driven discipleship and evangelism. 

Lamentations Gospel Choir

The Lamentations Gospel Choir performs during select Sunday worship services as well as around campus during other minor and major events. Past events include The Annual Christmas Candlelight Service, MLK Interfaith Service and Baccalaureate. 

Handbell Choir

The handbell choir performs during select Sunday worship services as well as during some of the larger events on campus, such as The Annual Christmas Candlelight Service.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

By studying God’s word, students aim to build their relationship with the Lord while applying their faith to their lives as athletes.

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