October 01, 2017

The first class of luxury brand marketing and management majors are set to graduate in 2018, and they have had some amazing experiences.

This summer alone found students interning all over the world in preparation for their careers in a range of high-end industries—from fashion, to automobiles and resorts.

Senior Bailey Baralt, of Selinsgrove, Pa., is spending her summer in Milan, Italy, where she is interning in the women’s division of modeling agency NOLOGO MgMt.

“To most children, picking out their outfit for school was just another chore, but for me it meant time to play,” Baralt said. “I have always loved putting outfits together and styling the same clothes I owned in different ways.”

At NOLOGO MgMt, she photographs models in the agency’s professional studio, promotes the agency’s new website and its models through Instagram and other social media platforms, and tracks a model’s success to determine if she will remain with the agency.

Bailey Baralt Bailey Baralt

High-End Event Management in NYC

Meanwhile, senior Sarah Derrick, of Flanders, N.J., is spending her summer a little closer to home at LDJ Productions, an event management and production agency in New York City that specializes in technical production, creative services, show direction and event management. They produce conferences and other events in fashion, beauty, corporate and entertainment.

“I’m learning the process of planning an event from concept to execution,” Derrick said. “I source venues, assist with production needs onsite during events, and create spreadsheets and creative documents.”

Derrick expected a Devil Wears Prada atmosphere, but she’s been surprised by the friendliness and support she’s encountered.

“Though they work with high-end clientele, the people in my office are extremely down to earth and goal-oriented,” she said. “They love what they do and helping me through tasks.”

Rent the Runway, Singapore Style

Finally, on the other side of the world, is Elise Salada Hazlett, who is working in the marketing department at StyleTheory in Singapore. Think of it as a kind of Rent-the-Runway mobile application for Singapore.

At StyleTheory, Salada Hazlett, of Akron, Ohio, is conducting market research to help the company better identify and target its consumers. She is also creating a consumer survey that integrates into the mobile app.

Her biggest surprise during her internship? Those required major classes really do come in handy.

“The exciting thing about SWSB requirements is, you don’t realize they are going to help you as much as they do,” she said. “But I’ve been able to take the skills I’ve learned at SU and apply them with confidence.”

After graduation, Salada Hazlett hopes to earn a degree in fashion design and pursue a career in the fashion industry, maybe one day opening her own company.

Baralt would like to become a fashion sales representative for a small boutique or retail store in the greater New York City area, and Derrick plans to pursue a career in luxury event planning.

“I love the luxury market. I found that within this major, I can combine all of my interests: luxury, fashion and event planning, while keeping my options open with possibilities,” Derrick said. “Luxury is constantly trending, changing and fast-paced. I like the challenge and competitiveness of entering the elite market and love being kept on my toes.”

Elise Salada Hazlet Elise Salada Hazlett

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