February 13, 2018

Wanting to explore new areas of the country and careers “beyond the more obvious choices,” Lauren Flynn ’14 took an internship at Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts outside Washington, D.C.

That internship led to a full-time gig working with the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts.

“We train professional artists in the Wolf Trap model so that they understand the early childhood curriculum and the ways in which the arts connect to the many things that children learn at this age,” says Flynn, who primarily coordinates training and other opportunities for these artists.

“Everyone at Wolf Trap has a sincere passion for the arts and a desire to share the arts with others, and everyone has a unique combination of skills they can use to further the organization’s mission,” Flynn says.

As a double major in music and philosophy with a minor in publishing and editing, Flynn developed her own unique skillset at Susquehanna.

“My music background, along with the critical-thinking skills from philosophy and the attention to detail from my minor, have all molded together to give me a unique way to contribute to Wolf Trap,” she says.

The ability to study in different fields and pursue a variety of interests was what drew Flynn to Susquehanna.

“From the beginning, the faculty was always very supportive of my interest in studying multiple fields while still being fully active in the music department,” she says.

“Having the opportunity to do this is one of the great values of attending a liberal arts college like Susquehanna, where they encourage students to gain a well-rounded education by being exposed to a number of fields, not just one or two.”