January 06, 2022

Happy 2022 from SU!

University offices reopened Tuesday as we prepare to welcome students back in a few weeks. Preparations are underway and we have completed a Covid Plan for the Spring 2022 semester.

Covid Plan Spring 2022

Instruction will be fully in-person without a remote option. Athletics is maintaining a full intercollegiate schedule.

As previously the case, SU’s Covid Plan reflects the latest guidance from public health experts and is subject to change as the pandemic develops. With the best interest of everyone’s health for a residential campus community, in some cases, SU’s protocols will exceed recommendations of the CDC, NCAA or other entities. See the Plan.

Vaccination Booster Requirement for Students

To protect the health and safety of the campus and broader community, Susquehanna University requires students who learn, live or work on campus to be vaccinated for Covid-19 and have submitted proof of a booster. Students are eligible for a booster shot five months after their second Pfizer shot, six months after Moderna or two months after J&J. All other students must obtain the booster within two (2) weeks of their eligibility date. Students must email their updated Covid Card to covidtesting@susqu.edu. See more

Testing for Students

Students are encouraged to quarantine for 5 to 7 days prior to their return to Selinsgrove. All students are required to get tested within 72 hours prior to arriving back to campus for the semester. The test result must be uploaded to bit.ly/prearrival-test-result before a student is eligible to be on campus.

Unvaccinated students are required to get tested each week, in addition to some mandated random surveillance testing of individuals. Students must check their Susquehanna email address regularly for these notifications. See more

Arriving from an International Location?

Separate instructions will be sent to students arriving from international travel. If you have questions, you can contact the Student Health Center at 570-372-4385.

Required Individual Plan

Students must have an individual plan to relocate to an alternative site off campus should quarantine or isolation be required. Due to the highly transmissible nature of the Omicron variant, the university is not able to offer long-term quarantine or isolation housing.

For example, close-contacts who are unvaccinated/not yet boosted and anyone who tests positive regardless of vaccine/booster status will need to temporarily leave campus until cleared to return. Asymptomatic close-contacts who are fully vaccinated with a booster will be permitted to stay on campus following health and safety protocols. See more

Masking Update

Everyone on campus must wear a mask indoors (regardless of vaccination status and including all visitors). Medical-grade KN95 masks or layered disposable ones are appropriate. Masks are encouraged outdoors when around others and required for unvaccinated/unboosted persons unable to maintain six feet of distance from others.

Because of the highly transmissible nature of the Omicron variant, we are discouraging cloth masks unless placed over a disposable medical-grade mask. See more

Reminder: Students Who Test Covid-Positive Over Break

Students who test positive over winter break, whether on or off campus, must notify the Student Health Center of their status at 570-372-4385 (the center facility is closed through Jan. 23, though a nurse triage is available). A positive result will affect the ability of a student to follow the general test procedures for the spring semester return to campus. In such cases, health center staff will work with these students to ensure a safe return plan for everyone.

Confidentiality and Sharing of Information

Student information related to Covid is considered confidential and will be shared with members of the university’s Covid Response Team as needed to ensure the safety of the campus community.