April 22, 2024

Alumnus Fernando Ramirez '82 speaks after the screening of his documentary Beyond the Statistics. Alumnus Fernando Ramirez ’82 speaks after the screening of his documentary Beyond the Statistics.Susquehanna University recently concluded its annual Latinx Initiative.

Now in its 28th year, the Latinx Initiative celebrates the Latinx culture across campus and includes movie screenings, lectures, panel discussions, performances and readings focused on the Latinx culture.

“Strengthening relationships among ourselves and fellow people of color at Susquehanna makes all of us stronger,” said Walfrido Dorta, assistant professor of Spanish studies at Susquehanna University and director of the Latinx Initiative. “By bringing our unique experiences and diverse cultural and educational perspectives to the forefront, we actively enrich our community’s diversity and sense of belonging.”

This year’s initiative included salsa dance lessons with the Leonetti Entertainment Dance Company. Back by popular demand was ALAS’ empanadas sale, and for the first time the group also sold aguas frescas, a drink popular in Mexico and Latin American countries that is made of water and fresh fruit or vegetables.

Alumnus Fernando Ramirez ’82 returned to campus for several days for a panel discussion with ALAS students, Embracing Authenticity: What Does It Mean to be Unapologetically You?, a lecture presentation of My Latino Roots: Shaping My Life’s Journey and a screening of his recent documentary Beyond the Statistics, which provides an intimate window into the personal stories of forcibly displaced people from Ukraine.

The initiative came to its conclusion with the ALAS Gala, which featured live Latin music by Eco Del Sur.

The Latinx Initiative is supported by the Leona Martin Endowment for Languages, Literatures and Cultures.