December 10, 2018

Ryan Pelletier ’16 left Susquehanna ready to teach high school social studies in a new way.

“I like to tell my students that I’m going to brainwash them into thinking for themselves,” says Pelletier, who teaches in Warrior Run High School in Turbotville, Pa.

“The SU education program undoubtedly helped me think about education for myself and develop my own brand of teaching that will hopefully make better students, but also better people.”

In challenging political times, Pelletier works hard to encourage his students to challenge their biases and think critically and analytically.

“It can be difficult to make informed opinions about today’s political and social climate,” he says.

At Susquehanna, Pelletier was a history major who pursued a secondary education certification in social studies.

He enjoyed the small class sizes, which allowed for more personalized and impactful learning.

“There was a large focus on making students good teachers. I felt I grew more as a student and a future educator with a close relationship with my professors and fellow classmates,” he says.