March 01, 2019

Hadley Elsenbaumer ’12, analytical lead-measurement specialist at Google, and Kegan Moesta ’16, cyber security portfolio strategic lead at IBM, hosted a Break Through panel about working for a large tech employer. Both alumni, who majored in business administration, shared how they transitioned into an industry they didn’t know much about.

They agreed that students should focus on improving their soft skills—verbal and written communications, critical thinking and problem-solving—because they are valuable in any industry. Training on specific products or technologies is acquired on the job; both were taught what they needed to know by their employers.

“Training is pretty integral to any program you will be learning,” Moesta said.

Moesta talked about his sales role at IBM, where he spends a lot of time traveling and representing the company to clients. Elsenbaumer interacts with clients in a similar role, working out of Google’s New York office.

“You want to work for a company that takes their culture seriously because it makes a difference,” Elsenbaumer told students, when asked about the positive workplace culture at Google.

Both panelists reminisced about their years at Susquehanna, encouraging students to expand their horizons and prepare for their future careers by getting involved in the many civic engagement and service opportunities at SU.

“Take a class out of your comfort zone, because you’re going to be thrown out of your comfort zone in the real world,” Elsenbaumer advised.