March 01, 2019


Madison Summers ’16 and Caitlin Newman ’09 Thistle gave invaluable advice to students on securing summer internships, job shadowing and volunteer experiences during the Break Through networking conference.

When asked about their best tips for networking and making connections, the panelists had plenty of suggestions, citing the importance of LinkedIn and other social media. “Search for connections to make in places you want to go. There are alumni all over the world, and we all want to help you,” Thistle said.

They also agreed that informational interviews are one of the easiest ways to make a personal connection with future employers. “Try to make it as personal as possible. In-person interviews work best for this, but phone and Skype interviews are also acceptable. Do not just send an email,” Summers said.

Some of the most essential skills for new graduates are the ones they gain at Susquehanna. Summers urged current students to get involved in everything they can on campus. “It will help you get a better sense of where you’re headed and what really interests you outside of your major.”

Thistle also mentioned the importance of having a mentor, and that there’s no better place to find one than among the professors at Susquehanna.