Beyond the Political Science Classroom


  • BA, Whitworth College
  • PHD, Indiana University

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Director of International Studies

Contact Information

As a political scientist, I study the relationships between citizens and their governments. My work looks at how ordinary citizens in sub-Saharan Africa interact with the state to access basic services, and how they make their views known to the officials who represent them. I also study how politicians build the coalitions of supporters needed to acquire power. Here at Susquehanna, I apply this research focus in my teaching with classes on comparative government, international studies, the politics of development, African politics and democratization. I try to help students better understand the world beyond the United States so they can function more effectively in it—becoming engaged global citizens with the ability to solve challenging problems that cross borders. I had fantastic professors in college who took the time to help me in this way, and I hope that I can do the same for my students as they build the skills they need to thrive in a variety of careers.

  • HONS-301: African Politics
  • POLI-320: African Politics
  • POLI-121: Comparative Government and Politics
  • INTD-505: Independent Study
  • INTD-201: International Studies Theory & Practice
  • POLI-324: Issues in Comparative Politics
  • POLI-300: Sem: Politics of Dvpl. Nations
  • POLI-300: Seminar
  • POLI-501: Senior Seminar
  • POLI-131: World Affairs