February 20, 2023

Teagan Duffie '24 Teagan Duffie '24Teagan Duffie ’24 is leaning on his interdisciplinary coursework as he transitions from two internships in the public sector to his third — this one in the private sector.

Duffie, an international studies and political science double major, completed a 13-week Pennsylvania House Fellowship last summer. The program gives students insight into the legislative process.

“I had prior experience in government through a summer 2021 internship with U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser and felt that I would be a qualified candidate for the House fellowship,” Duffie said. “It seemed like a perfect stepping stone in my career path, as well as an opportunity to explore whether or not state government would be a suitable career path for me.”

Through the fellowship, Duffie witnessed the daily activities of a state legislature, including constituent services, bill analyses and research on policy that could become legislation. Duffie attended hearings, committee meetings, workshops and legislative sessions, all culminating in him writing and presenting a piece of legislation regarding residency requirements and civil service hiring in Pennsylvania.

“I gained an incredible insight into how the state government operates to serve Pennsylvanians. I was able to hone in on my research and analysis skills, as well as interpersonal communication and networking,” Duffie said. “These skills translate to all professions, not just careers in government and politics.”

From the Legislature to Global Defense

It was the fellowship’s versatility that gave Duffie the confidence to make a switch in his career path from the public to private sector.

“The concept of switching sectors and changing the course of your career path during college can be intimidating for students looking for internships,” Duffie said. “With the experience of the House fellowship, I was able to prove to employers that I could smoothly transition into the private sector.”

Duffie has taken on a remote global trade internship with Raytheon Missiles & Defense in cooperation with Raytheon Poland’s Land Warfare and Air Defense Department.

“It aligns well with the focus of my international studies major, which is trade and development,” Duffie said. “The global defense industry is the perfect nexus of political science and the corporate world, and an ideal first step toward transitioning into a new field. I felt that my combination of majors and government experience would make me an intriguing candidate.”

At Raytheon Missiles & Defense, Duffie will support regulatory compliance efforts. His projects will fall in the areas of sanctions and embargos, authorizations and licenses, portfolio support, digital technology, investigations and disclosures and program management.

“This position gives me the opportunity to work on my data analysis and synthesis skills,” Duffie said. “I am looking forward to gaining expertise in the realm of global trade compliance in hopes of pursuing full-time work in this field upon my graduation.”