May 08, 2023

Susquehanna University will offer a real estate major beginning in fall 2023.

“Through program coursework and guaranteed internships, students majoring in real estate will be positioned to make strategic decisions to advance their professional careers as a commercial real estate investor, developer or broker,” said James Pomykalski, associate professor of finance and analytics at Susquehanna University.

The real estate major is offered by Susquehanna’s AACSB-accredited Sigmund Weis School of Business. Students will take courses specializing in various areas of real estate, including law, strategy, finance and capital markets, and courses in taxation, professional sales, asset analysis and valuation, international business, government relations and negotiations.

In addition to earning their degree, students can also add other tools to their skillset to launch their career, including Bloomberg certification for market data analysis. Real estate industry endorsements, such as the Urban Land Institute’s Foundations of Real Estate Certification and ARGUS Enterprise certification, will equip students with immediate professional credentials.

“Beyond professional credentials, Susquehanna’s real estate major will give students an advanced understanding of federal income tax principles, the laws that govern real estate transactions and international business considerations,” Pomykalski said, “all of which will be guided by faculty who have both extensive scholarly and industry experience.”

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